Friday, September 11, 2015

Camp Kaitawa reflection

camp kaitawa

I was standing at the base of the hill and I said to myself “psssh thats easy!” but I was wrong very very wrong.  we started walking and I was right up the front walking fast and breathing through my nostrils.  I was in the fast group and then I started running and I wasted all my energy and I fell back, I was now in the middle group they weren't as fast as the fast group but that was my fault because I wasted all my energy.  about half an hour later I said “we've been here for like 6 hours.”
“no we haven't we’ve been here for like three quarters of an hour*.” said Isaac.
“Oh, so how long until we get to the top?”
“I don't know as long as it takes you to get there”
about an hour later we were about two and a half quarters up the hill and we were really really close.
“are we close?” I said
“yep were really really REALLY close” said isaac
“cool so about ten minutes?”
“yea about that”
ten or fifteen minutes later we were at the top having lunch and looking out at the beautiful view of lake Waikaremoana.   

*45 mins


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