Thursday, September 17, 2015


I think England was a little intimidated by N.Z (us) and tried to make us scared by making up this stupid dance that they called the "hakarena" comment down below and tell me what you think about this video.  We are the R.W.C 2015 champions YES!!!   

Sunday, September 13, 2015



This artwork is inspired by Shane Hansen because we are a studying him.
In my artwork I have a Maori version of the Parkvale tree and the sun. I have used koru to fill in my spare space so it wouldn’t look bland.  I used the white koru in the sky for clouds.  I used nature because cars or buildings are manmade. I put in Aroha because that means love and that represents my love to my family, which is special to me.  I also put in P.V.S because it stands for Parkvale School and I did that because that is  the school I go to and that is special to me.

Luke Worthington                                     

Friday, September 11, 2015

Room 20 Assembly item

This item is about a super market getting built on pakis paddock.

minecraft the herobrine battle


I was in the middle of the forest unarmed with mobs surrounding me and I had no way of defending myself or to kill them, so I ran, I ran through a gap of the zombies and spiders but there was a herobrine not far behind me.  I ran and I ran but a lake was in front of me and I had no way of escaping unless I SPLASH!!! I jumped into the ice cold water and I saw a small light about ten meters away, it was my secret base.  ten seconds later I was inside my base.  how I built my base: what I did is I went to the bottom of the lake and made a big hole and put signs around the small hole that I use to get in so the water wouldn't spill into my base, and I put some beds and a crafting tables and also a chest in there.  anyway back to the story, I went into my chest and got some diamond armour and weapons to defend myself but that didn't do much.  the herobrine has certain abilities and those abilities are flying, being able to explode things and also they can delete anything in your hotbar and in your inventory.
 I didn't see it coming but the herobrine exploded my base, my chest and everything in it, I thought I was going to have to swim but the herobrine had drained out the lake so I ran.  I got a horse and I started galloping but I was riding bareback and the horse wasn’t tame, he flicked up his back legs and flicked me onto the ground.  I did a safety roll so I didn't break anything, I ran a little longer and found a herobrine resistant block and built a small box around me.  he couldn't get through and it gave out a blast that would kill him and it worked, but I had other problems.  after the block sent out the blast it dissolves and disappears, mobs were surrounding me again and I had to fight them off and I dont usually survive it but I had enchanted diamond armour which is enchanted to level 100 and that is the highest enchantment.

 I fought off about fifty mobs and only lost 3 hearts of health.  there was six pig zombies and they had enchanted golden swords to level fifty when they attack they make you lose six hearts of health but it halves that and when I get hit by normal mobs I don't lose any.  I fought all of them off of me and then it tuned to day and I could get all my resources together including a golden apple.  I went into a village and traded some apples for some gold and I made a golden apple with the apples and the gold.  after that I swapped a diamond helmet for an enchantment table and enchanted my golden apple and I came out with a enchanted golden apple, I made a new helmet and enchanted it.  I was ready for action.  when it turned to night again I summoned the herobrine and I fought him and I was at half a heart and I ate my golden apple and it regenerated all my health and I beat him.  the reason I spawned him in is so I could get the boots of despair, what the boots of despair do is when you go near any mobs they set on fire and float up in the air and then it kills them.  I had done it I could walk around and kill all the mobs I was in a fifteen block range of me.  I was complete.

the end

by luke worthington      


Panekiri Bluff

P1000251.JPGPanekiri Bluff
a huge mountain shadowing over lake waikaremoana
the smells of nature and trees
birds tweeting and singing
bidi bids clinging onto my leg hairs
dirt and dust hovering around in my mouth
I feel as though I am going to fall off the cliff of panekiri  


Camp Kaitawa reflection

camp kaitawa

I was standing at the base of the hill and I said to myself “psssh thats easy!” but I was wrong very very wrong.  we started walking and I was right up the front walking fast and breathing through my nostrils.  I was in the fast group and then I started running and I wasted all my energy and I fell back, I was now in the middle group they weren't as fast as the fast group but that was my fault because I wasted all my energy.  about half an hour later I said “we've been here for like 6 hours.”
“no we haven't we’ve been here for like three quarters of an hour*.” said Isaac.
“Oh, so how long until we get to the top?”
“I don't know as long as it takes you to get there”
about an hour later we were about two and a half quarters up the hill and we were really really close.
“are we close?” I said
“yep were really really REALLY close” said isaac
“cool so about ten minutes?”
“yea about that”
ten or fifteen minutes later we were at the top having lunch and looking out at the beautiful view of lake Waikaremoana.   

*45 mins


My Mihi

My Life

This word cloud is about what I really like and what I do in my everyday life.

Friday, May 22, 2015

letter to mum for camp

207 Caroline
Caroline Road
28th april 2015

Dear Mum,
                     Thank you so so much for taking a week off work just for me to make me and room 20 happy.
I really appreciate that when you were awake you were working hard for me and all of the other kids.  when I was really tired or feeling down in bed or anywhere else you gave me a good night kiss or cheered me up.  I really enjoyed you sharing my experiences and “pain.”  you also helped to cook all of the delicious food that always filled up our stomachs.  but the possum, you lied to us!!! nah just joking 8-D.       

Yours sincerely
Luke Worthington.            

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

the bad happening

the bad happening

I was speeding down my dads driveway with my heelys on, and I saw a big rock just sitting there in the middle of the driveway.  I saw it coming, I went flying through the air and there was a trailer in front of me I started to fall and fall and, smash I hit the trailer and… “AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I screeched  “DAAAAAAAAD!!!” Dad came sprinting down the stairs down onto the driveway and he yelled “what the heck happened?” I had cut my head open.

It was pouring with blood , the blood was streaming over my eyes and nose and dripping off my chin, it was as thick as dried paint in a bucket.  It was all over the ground and running down into the drain, by then I was just weeping in my dads arms.  We stitched the wound up with butterfly stitches  and then put a special dressing on it to stop it from bleeding.  I still have the scar now, The incident happened three years ago and I look like harry potter.     

the end by luke worthington