Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My Blood Story

My Blood Story
I’m going at least 10km down my dads steep driveway, but I get worried because I see a big rock that I know would get wedged in the wheels in my shoes.  But I know I couldn’t turn in time, so I just took it. But I didn't know that it would be this bad.

The trailer was right behind the rock, but it was too late.  I tripped on the rock, fell and screamed...

...My head had smashed into the corner of the little bar of the trailer.  I cut my forehead open and it was bleeding like heck it was like a dark dark thick blood waterfall, it was trickling down my face into my mouth it tasted like metal. I was screaming, a lot. Dad had to get a rag to put pressure on the slash.  After about an hour I calmed down and dad stepped away.  “You calmed down yet”, Dad says, “yep” I weep in reply.  “Do you want some water on that cut?” “n,n no” I weep.  Then we put butterfly stitches on the cut and we went to Taupo for some Mcdonalds.

the end or is it?
By Luke Michael Worthington



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