Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The door to Heaven.

a glimpse of light.jpg

I hear the melody of a music box behind the bookcase.  I was scared and my hands were trembling, all I could do was pull books off the bookcase awkwardly.  Then suddenly my hand fell on something it was a button, I almost screamed, the button was grabbing me so I started to push in.  Then out of no where there came a voice and you will never guess what it said. “A door will start to fade into this very room like a Polaroid camera”.  “You have to make a choice to go into the door or stay safe in the ordinary world if you go in you have made your choice you can't come back”.

I wanted to go in but when I heard I couldn’t come back I had to think about it for a long time.  Then I asked if my Mum and Dad would be there, and he said no, the room fell silent.  “B-but what will do without them, is this your world did you make it I asked desperately.  Yeeees, why he said.  “I wanted to know if you could put my parents into the world” I asked slowly.  “Ok ok I’ll put them into the world”.  “Yus!!!” I yell and sprint to the door, open the it and run in.  “Ha so gullible” says the creepy voice.

By Luke Worthington