Thursday, July 31, 2014

character description

“Honey can you get the remote for me?!” As soon as I hear this I know mum is lying on the couch and needing the remote for the T.V.  Her blond hair sticking up, a pale face,bloodshot eyes, sounding tired and smells like smelly laundry. “Why do I always have to get it!”
“Because you're closer”.
“But I'm in the conservatory”
“Okay okay I’ll get it!!!”

Its annoying mum always gets her way and if she doesn't, her reaction is very big, so even if I want something so so bad I can't ask over and over again!  Her humor is very small so if I make a joke she won't even laugh she will just put on a watery smile.  My mum is not very sensitive .  If I knock her, she wouldn't get very angry.

Like a thief in the night, mum sneaks out our house. I wonder where she's gone, the movies, a cafe or even another country!!!  But she’s just gone to work for another night shift. So she is always begging to get into her pajamas at like 3 o'clock in the afternoon because she is tired and she probably isn't the only one.  But if she asks too much, she is bending her chances.  

Mum spends time lots of time with me, but the thing that she is always spending time with, is my dog Ella.  We are training her to do things like catching balls while their in the air, shaking hands and walking on her hind legs, Ella is a very smart dog, she can do things like sit, ,stay put and lie down.  The commands for them are sit, stay and down I like Ella and mum especially does.         

Friday, July 25, 2014

Inflatable world

During the second week of my school holidays I spent some time with my mum. But get this, I had to go to a holiday programme!  Its name was YMCA. I thought it was going to be sooo boring, but it wasn't! It was fun because we went to Inflatable World.  Inflatable World is really cool.  My favourite thing about it were the sumo suits.  And guess what the sumo suits section has a little arena with little fat sumo suits that you put on. and by the way if you fall over good luck with getting back up.

Inflatable world is really fun and there is also an obstacle course.  At the start of it there is a big wall with foam blocks sticking out that you hold  onto, then once you've passed that there is a big slide that you go down.

When you're at the bottom there are two thin tubes that you have to try and crawl through.have you ever tackled someone!? no? well if you're at Inflatable world now is  your chance.  Once you get through there are inflatable poles and you have a choice: tackle, kick, punch or ram I always go with ram but still its your choice.  now the obstacle course is done.

So I hope you enjoy Inflatable World because I sure did.  The sumo suits are really cool.  And also I've had a little battle with someone in a sumo suit it was fun except when I fell I was just being a bit clumsy.

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Baby Toothless

Baby toothless

I was holding a small dragon in my hand it looked like a baby toothless.  It’s mouth was smoking. It was like it was about to breath fire and burn my hand I wanted to drop it but it was so cute and I couldn't hurt it.  suddenly it sneezed and it burnt my hand I dropped and it hit the ground it was squealing in pain.  “Hold on little buddy i’ll be back soon!” I said.  I dumped my hand under cold water “now I need to get back to the dragon” I said.  It was still squealing in pain I picked him up, his mouth was still smoking “dont spit little boy i’m not going to hurt you, I promise” I said  He squealed like he was saying ok I feel safe with you.  I laughed, I was only holding with one hand because my other hand was burnt.  I took him outside and let him find his family.  “Go and find your family” I said.