Monday, June 30, 2014

On Tuesday we celebrated matariki by choosing three activities that were things like making pois, kite making, cooking (fried bread), string games, kio-rahi(pretty much dodgeball) matariki is a maori celebration matariki is the name of the seventh fish, the seven stars are now stars.  The god of the sky is ranginui and he  lifted the seven fish up with him and they became stars.  And that is the story of matariki.

Matariki was cool because we didn't have to do any school work!!!     the workshops that I did were waiata, poi making and string games.  my favorite workshop was probably poi, It was fun because we weaved two pieces of colored string, it was shredded into little strips and we made groups of four with the string and then we weaved them.  Then we made the main part of the poi we got stuffing, a plastic bag (white), some string and a pair of scissors.

step 1.get your stuffing and put it on the top of your string.
step 2.get your plastic bag (white) wrap it tightly around the stuffing.
step 3.get your string and knot it around the bottom of the plastic bag and tighten your string
step 4.get your scissors and cut some of the plastic bag around the string and its as easy as that.  

How To Make Earthquakes

First you make something called a quake generator to make one you need a big stick, two car batteries and of course your hands.  Then to make a quake generator join the positive and the negative from each battery and with the other two positives and negatives on the stick.  Take them inside and leave them overnight. Then in the morning take them off and you're done.  To activate the quake generator you hit it on the ground as hard as possible.  It should make a big shake and the stick should light up with blue and red.  But watch out don't do it near your house “you should know why!!!!!”  

If you are really strong you can even make a crack in the ground like this but only, only if you are really strong.  So yea that's not gonna to happen any time soon.

earthquakes aren't good but when you're doing it its the fun of your life!!!

pssst over here but its not fun when you make a big crack!!!  Any way lets get back to work.  The real things that actually make earthquakes are big plates deep deep down in the ground and when they collide they shake and make an earthquake.



Monday, June 23, 2014

my favourite thing this year

My favorite thing this year was my mum coming to teach my class C.P.R.  C.P.R stands for cardio pulmonary resuscitation.  My mum brought in practice mannequins.
 You breathe into their mouths and their chests slowly rise looking like they are breathing.  We had long strips of plastic that had special material that you can blow through.  You put it on their mouths so you don’t get germs from other people.  C.P.R  mannequins look like this

It was funny because mum told me to lie on the ground like I was unconscious and she put me in the recovery position.  To put an unconscious person in the recovery position you have to place them on their side with their knee on the ground so they don't roll onto their tummy.  And then put their right hand behind their head then… YELL FOR HELP!!!

Mum showed us how hard to push on the mannequins chests.  It makes a clicking noise… but don't do that to a real person because you would be breaking their ribs!!!! It was fun when mum came.  She works at the hastings central hospital.  She is a nurse and works in E.D.  E.D stands for emergency department. What nurses do is stuff like blood tests, flu injections, cuts. Just the stuff you think they would do.

Something I could improve on this year is probably maths and how to how to answer the question properly.  This year has been fun and I'm really enjoying 2014.      

Friday, June 13, 2014

the wolf

Firstly, I called my story the wolf because I was trying to let the
audience know that it was set in the bush, also that they would know that it is sort of scary and I did that the colours I put in.  So who is this book for?

Secondly, the book is about a wolf in the bush.  he is wild and he has been poisoned that's why his eyes are green.  I made it look like there's a sandstorm reflection in his red evil eyes.

Thirdly, my title is the wolf I chose that because I thought that it would pop out at the reader and grab their attention.  I positioned the title on the top of the page because the reader would straight away see it and pick the book.  the style I used was block letters with cracks on them.  I chose the block letters with cracks because I thought that the reader would think it’s cool and read it.

      Finally, now to answer my initial question the age group is 9+ I think that is a good age group because i'm 9 and i’m not scared of books like that.