Thursday, April 17, 2014



After our class went to camp we went to Flax rock.  Flax rock is a rock climbing center, at the center we had to wait a while for the other groups to come.  Once they came the owner of the building came in to tell us the rules of rock climbing.  Then we got started.

After we all had a turn bouldering we put our harnesses on.  The first wall that I went on it was the easiest one, it was just a row of rocks.  But the second one was medium it had a lip sticking out of the wall and you couldn't put your hand in some of them, but then it got hard there was about four lips sticking out of the wall.  

I got up about three quarters to the top on the easy one.  On the medium one I got  four quarters to the top, and on the hard one I got just past halfway.

My favorite part of rock climbing was probably just hanging around in the air.  And once we were done with climbing we went back to school.  It was the best camp ever.

by luke.


thank you letter

Parkvale school,
Howard st,


Dear Chel,

Thank you for taking me to camp.  It was so kind of you to help our team cook.  Camp was so much fun.

My favorite thing about camp was rock climbing.  I learnt which rock to use to climb up,  I also learnt that rock climbing is harder than I thought.

I really wanted to thank you for driving and helping our team cook.  It was my first time cooking by myself and I didn't want to hurt my self.  Thanks again.

Kind regards
Luke Worthington.