Thursday, February 20, 2014

kindness boomerang

kindness boomerang

Once when I was at the bach my brother got a hook in his finger.  He was down at the jetty and he didn’t throw his cast put properly.  He was yelling out to my dog Ella, but she didn’t do anything.  I heard him yelling out so I ran down to the jetty.  I helped him by quickly getting my grandad.  Grandad took him on the boat to the hospital.  

Once when I was at my dads, I had my heelies on.  I went down his driveway and his trailer was down at the bottom  I tripped over a rock and whacked my head on the trailer.  My dad and my step mum Sarah came running.  They helped me by padding the cup up.


  1. This piece of writing reminds me of the blood writing we did last year. James was lucky to be able to get to hospital on the boat. Your verb 'quickly' put a picture in my head. Keep up the good work Luke.